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Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2012

Marketing Trends 2012 Gareth Case

Marketing Trends 2012 Gareth Case

Here are my top 5 marketing trends to look out for as we approach 2012.

1. Location Based Marketing (LBM)

This is all about delivering content (usually to mobile devices) to consumers based on their location. Imagine getting a push message from Starbucks as you walk past one of their stores offering you a free muffin with your coffee.  It can be achieved using a number of technologies including Mobile Phone Tracking, WiFi and RFID

2. QR Codes

2011 has seen a massive increase in the use of QR codes on everything from advertising campaigns to product packaging. Their novelty factor has not worn off as quickly as some predicted and we are now seeing them used on ATL and BTL advertising from some of the biggest brands in the wold, right down to family run businesses. Expect to see a lot more QR codes in 2012

3. Video

Video comes in many different form factors. Most people think of YouTube or case study material, but what about video as a communication tool? With Apple shipping Facetime ready devices like there’s no tomorrow and Cisco predicting that 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2015, we must embrace it in all its shapes and sizes. Think about running customer events over video or producing video newsletters, you might be pleasantly surprised how much the technology has moved on since you last tried it.

4. Social

Social is ‘Trending’ in a big way. Not just for consumers and our online ‘friends’ but also for businesses. Forget Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, they have been trending for a some time now, I am talking about business applications that are social in their very make-up. SalesForce.com’s Chatter, Cisco’s Jabber, Show and Share and Quad. The enterprise is gearing up to embrace the Facebook Generation and some of it’s here already.

5. Infographics

The way we consume information is changing and different audiences prefer to consume it in different ways. Infographics have been a hit in 2011 and I stronly believe they will become more popular through 2012. Not just for displaying stats on how many users Facebook now has, but being the breeding ground for a new approach to corporate collateral, Curriculum Vitae’s and many other documents. Watch this space.

I look forward to your comments and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for all my latest updates

About garethcase

Gareth Case has more than 12 years experience of marketing in the B2B technology space and has held senior marketing roles at Intermec Technologies, Arc Solutions, Viglen, Athona and now ONI and has experience of working throughout EMEA, North America and APAC. His broad understanding of the full marketing mix combined with a diverse skill set has contributed to the success and growth of his previous employers. Gareth has proven, successful experience in the following marketing disciplines: Offline: Marketing Strategy, Team Leadership, Direct Mail, Campaign Management, Telemarketing, Print Production, Public Relations, Copywriting, Budget Management, Graphic Design, Collateral Design, Presenting. Online: Website Design, Content Management, iPad Toolkits, Social Media, PPC, SEO, Analytics, CRM, E-Marketing, Video. Gareth has experience of working across many vertical markets including Healthcare, Local Government, Education, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Media, Not for Profit and Legal. He has started this blog ‘Inside a Marketing Mind’ to share his experiences and promote debate around the latest marketing innovations. Follow Gareth on Twitter here – http://twitter.com/gareth_case and subscribe to the blog for all the latest updates. For a more detailed synopsis of Gareth’s skills and experience, please visit his blog or LinkedIn page


17 thoughts on “Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2012

  1. Thanks a lot for such a nice piece of information. I am looking out to more methods for my website marketing and no doubt that the information which you have provided will help me a lot.

    Posted by Gagandeep Singh | September 9, 2011, 9:35 am
  2. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a very well written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I will certainly comeback.

    Posted by windows 7 key | September 13, 2011, 3:58 pm
  3. Hi Gareth, I was curious as to your thoughts on QR codes? Whilst there is a great increase in their appearance on packing & print seen this year, I have yet to see a single person get out their phone to scan one. I do believe that just because technology enables you to provide a ‘service’ – it doesn’t/shouldn’t be used at every available opportunity. There are cases of designers in London refusing to design packaging with QR codes based on their ‘ugliness.’ I just don’t see where the success in this lies. i have found no great ROI from using them. If you have found any, i’d love to hear of the examples.

    Your thoughts on LBM, I completely agree with. RFID will be the next big thing for 2012 i’d say!

    Posted by eve | September 14, 2011, 5:30 pm
  4. Hi Gareth,
    Do you think that those five trends are mostly related with the latest communication media? Will they be temporary until other new media forms replace them? It will be much better if those trends’ roles are not limited as alternative media only, but they can enhance the consumers’ loyalty to the brands. Do you think so?

    Posted by Chico Hindarto | September 17, 2011, 4:05 pm
  5. Hi all,
    I agree with what EVE says about QR codes – and more than that they are very ugly to look at! I am not compelled to use them myself. Apart from that I would like to add Social CRM as a category – I saw a demonstaration of what Saleforce is upto recently, since they bought Radian 6 and I think the socialisation of customer relationships will be a huge development when the platforms that enable them become more prevalent.have a look here for more: http://humanvoice.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/salesforce-radian6-what-does-it-mean-for-you/

    Otherwise – good article!

    Posted by timrabjohns | September 19, 2011, 2:34 pm
  6. Thank you. Most exciting from the five to use and to see will be QR Codes and Infographics.

    Posted by Manzil Madhwani | September 29, 2011, 8:11 pm
  7. Hi Gareth,

    I Liked the image which you have used, will you help me to get the link, or the full resolution of the image which you have used here. or kindly mail me on my mail id arvindnair9@gmail.com

    Posted by Arvind Nair | October 6, 2011, 7:54 pm
  8. Reblogged this on joshlynross and commented:
    I am currently implementing three of these marketing trends daily for both of my positions!

    Posted by Joshlyn Ross | March 19, 2012, 12:38 am
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    Posted by digital marketing agency jobs london | September 1, 2012, 12:50 pm


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