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Embrace the Social Enterprise – Or Get Left Behind

Social fascinates me, never before have we seen such rapid adoption of a communications channel. What has surprised me is the time it has taken for the enterprise world to get involved. Yes the big brands Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, as do a lot of small businesses but how many of them are embracing the social enterprise? And what does that mean?

Marc Benioff (@Benioff), SalesForce.com’s CEO stood in front of more than 6,000 people in London this week and opened our eyes to a new, smarter and more efficient way of working. His articulate presentation style coupled with seamlessly brilliant live product demonstrations showed what is possible using his platform. Benioff in my opinion is not so much a visionary as many would believe but someone that can fully understand and grasp what technology is capable of and then apply it tremendously well to fit the enterprise model.

A social enterprise is an internal social network. Imagine a business version of Facebook with all of your colleagues hooked up. being able to Instant Message, collaborate in real-time on documents and projects and ultimately work a lot smarter. It doesn’t just end there though, imagine creating groups for employees AND groups for customers. Now what you have is a truly collaborative environment to service and support your customers and prospects and make better use of employee time. No more waiting for email or hoping someone will pick up the phone. It takes away the geographic boundaries and massively increases business efficiency.

This isn’t a vision of the future though, it’s a solution that is here right now. Having seen a demo this week of Salesforce.com’s Chatter I was blown away by its capability and just how far it has come it a short space of time. When Benioff realised the power of Facebook style collaboration in the business world he immediately pulled half his entire development team off current projects to focus on Chatter, and what a smart move that was. It gives organisations, groups, customers, employees the ability to ‘follow’ any object that sits within SalesForce. This could be a proposal document, a person, a bid, in fact, any object and it will provide users with real time updates when any changes to the object are made.  What makes it even better is that it’s built on HTML5 which means it renders perfectly on a PC, a laptop, any tablet or smartphone, on any operating system, providing a consistent end user experience, no matter where you are or what device you are using (SalesForce Video).

Companies in my opinion must embrace this Facebook generation or live in fear of being left behind. The world has changed dramatically and the social network has never been more important. You are social, your customers are social, but is your business?

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Gareth Case has more than 12 years experience of marketing in the B2B technology space and has held senior marketing roles at Intermec Technologies, Arc Solutions, Viglen, Athona and now ONI and has experience of working throughout EMEA, North America and APAC. His broad understanding of the full marketing mix combined with a diverse skill set has contributed to the success and growth of his previous employers. Gareth has proven, successful experience in the following marketing disciplines: Offline: Marketing Strategy, Team Leadership, Direct Mail, Campaign Management, Telemarketing, Print Production, Public Relations, Copywriting, Budget Management, Graphic Design, Collateral Design, Presenting. Online: Website Design, Content Management, iPad Toolkits, Social Media, PPC, SEO, Analytics, CRM, E-Marketing, Video. Gareth has experience of working across many vertical markets including Healthcare, Local Government, Education, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Media, Not for Profit and Legal. He has started this blog ‘Inside a Marketing Mind’ to share his experiences and promote debate around the latest marketing innovations. Follow Gareth on Twitter here – http://twitter.com/gareth_case and subscribe to the blog for all the latest updates. For a more detailed synopsis of Gareth’s skills and experience, please visit his blog or LinkedIn page


6 thoughts on “Embrace the Social Enterprise – Or Get Left Behind

  1. Agree with the sentiment but query the language. Social enterprise already has a very definate meaning for a business with a social goal as the main driver for its existence. Please don’t try and redefine this, it gets confusing enough explaining the difference between social marketing and social media withou another double definition in thsi sector.

    Posted by Terry Blackwood | September 16, 2011, 3:45 pm
  2. The facts are in ..Social media is becoming a major force in commerce……
    BUT, i personally feel there are so many misconceptions of the HOW TO and When to apply well though Strategy.
    I am personally realizing great success working with entrepreneurs who are the TOTAL decision maker, and willing to risk the stretch and play the edge a bit.
    At least their bottom lines are looking much better over the past couple years

    Posted by Chuck Bartok | September 17, 2011, 2:04 am


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