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[INFOGRAPHIC] HTML5 – Web 3.0 is here but what does it mean?

I remember my first experience of HTML5, it was Google’s home page which can be viewed in a video here on YouTube I also remember thinking, ‘that’s quite cool, but what on earth will it be used for?’

HTML5’s capabilities are far greater than just a funky Google home page. It has massive potential and has left me wondering what effect it will have on some of today’s very successful business models.

Take Apple and the App store. Probably the best business model I have seen in the technology space in my lifetime. Create a product that nearly everyone wants, or 3, then open the development platform up and pay the developers a cut of the download fee. Perfect yeah? Well I strongly believe that HTML5 is going to have a massive impact on the App Store. Anyone with an iPhone or iPad who has a Twitter Account, do me a favour; visit twitter.com on your Apple device, then open the Twitter App on it. Can you tell the difference? Yes there are some aesthetic differences but the fact is HTML5 delivers an almost identical user experience to an App. What’s more it renders perfectly no matter what device you are using, so no need for multiple App versions and the companies producing them, a significant reduction in both time and development costs.

More and more companies are offering up HTML5 websites. SalesForce.com are about to launch Touch, their HTML5 based website that brings App feel and function to any mobile device without the need to download anything from the App Store.

The one downside to HTML5 over a native application is connectivity. If HTML5 sites were offered up as they are today, 5 years ago, then I think they would have fallen on their face as you get the most benefit from them on mobile devices and back then the connectivity just wasn’t available. Now however is different, you can get wireless pretty much everywhere and failing that, the 3G coverage is better than ever.

HTML5 for me really is Web 3.0. It offers a brand new experience in the way we view and interact with web content. It also helps Apple overcome their long rivalry with Adobe as ‘Flash like’ video and animation are made easy with HTML5 and CSS3. I also think it will revolutionise the way companies and developers alike produce content for mobile devices and am looking forward to an exciting new era in the constantly evolving world of the internet.

Below are some great examples of HTML5 at it’s best to give you an idea of its capability. Be sure to view in an HTML5 compatible browser – The latest versions of Safari, Chrome or IE should be fine, as will your iPhone or iPad. FYI, I am using the Chrome Browser.

http://www.apple.com/html5 – Great Examples
 – Best Viewed in a normal browser
http://chrome.angrybirds.com/ – Angry Birds online = Dip in productivity time
http://ts3.trefl.com/ – A Toy Story website

If you’re currently considering a new web project or thinking about developing again, think about HTML5 before you make any decisions…

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2 thoughts on “[INFOGRAPHIC] HTML5 – Web 3.0 is here but what does it mean?

  1. The combination of these two things namely the introduction of new attributes and the replacement of old elements give Html5 the ability to pass all tests and the certainty that it will be widely used. The new version is compatible to all older versions and can be installed to all browsers that use this type of documents. So if you think that it will help you work better, you should know that it doesn’t require any specific installation or download that might not be compatible to your computer. It is easy to learn Html5
    and it will certainly make your life easy, too.

    Posted by onepass | September 20, 2011, 8:10 am
  2. Thank you for sharing your insight, it’s a wonderful insight! The versions sometimes doesn’t really matter. It’s like getting a dream phone, just when you are at the nick of buying, you get to see another one better than what you initially wanted. As it turns out, you don’t get to buy anything anymore. For HTML5 and Web 3.0, it figures to really just wait it out and see how wonderful things can improve with it rather than without.

    Posted by Maybelle | September 21, 2011, 4:01 am

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