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Embrace the Social Enterprise – Or Get Left Behind

Social fascinates me, never before have we seen such rapid adoption of a communications channel. What has surprised me is the time it has taken for the enterprise world to get involved. Yes the big brands Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, as do a lot of small businesses but how many of them are embracing … Continue reading

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Creative agencies should start by being… Creative?

How many times does my phone ring each day? probably 30. How many times is it someone trying to sell me something? probably 20. Now let’s add e-mail, usually un-targeted, non-personal twaddle that probably generates another 20 or so views a day. So, 20 calls and 20 e-mails every day from agencies; Print, Design,Social Media, … Continue reading

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Tips for starting a new blog

So you’re thinking about stepping into the Blogosphere? But not really sure where to start. Here are my views on starting a new blog. There are many things to consider but first I think it’s worth noting that blogs typically fall into 3 categories: Personal Blog – Written about your personal life Personal Business Blog – Covering … Continue reading

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How much time should we spend on social networks?

I often get asked by Marketing Managers and Executives, ‘How much time should I spend on social networking sites?’. The answer always depends on a few key things. The first thing you need to consider is your product or solution. Are you selling coffee in the high street or contact centres to banks? The use … Continue reading

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Why do we buy big brands?

You see them everywhere. Brands, we as consumers trust. And we pay a premium for their products and services even though sometimes the quality is no different. So why do we subscribe to them? It’s a little thing called ‘Marketing’ I found myself, last week, wondering the isles of Tesco’s for our weekly shop. I headed … Continue reading

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Exhibitions and Trade Shows – A Thing of the Past?

It’s a subject that comes up every year. There is always an Account Manager who wants to do an exhibition because it’s closely aligned to their vertical market, but is there still real value in these events? The internet’s exponential growth over the last decade has meant that we have access to pretty much any … Continue reading

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My Infographic CV [UPDATE]

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has taken the time to comment and e-mail me on my Infographic CV. Special thanks to http://jonspruce.com who took an awful lot of time writing to me with some great suggestions. So, 8 days on and after more than 330 downloads and 480 page … Continue reading

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Direct mail is back. And it’s better than before

Direct mail once ruled the roost, in the B2B space it was the quickest way to mass market to your customers and prospects and I remember just 10 years ago executing campaigns to thousands upon thousands potential customers, then sitting there waiting for the postman to deliver a sack full of responses or for the … Continue reading

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Increase the number of people reading your blog – My 17 day history

So when I started this blog 17 days ago I wasn’t really sure what the outcome would be, if any.I put 4 posts up on the same day and got 5 viewers in total. Wow I thought. I then blogged again, on the 4th August and the 11th and by the end of that week, … Continue reading

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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation or a Seriously Expensive Option?

SEO – A very interesting subject. There are hundred of companies out there offering ‘first page on Google, guaranteed’ and I should know as about 50 of them call me every week. I have witnessed, first hand the change in SEO over the past 10 years. The days of adding hundreds of metatags to your pages are … Continue reading

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