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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Internet in 2015

The way we work is changing. More applications are being deployed in the cloud, more communication is being done via video and the growth of social media in the past few years has meant that the internet as we once knew has, and will continue to change rapidly. Who would have thought back in 1984 … Continue reading

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50 Fascinating Facebook Facts

Facebook, its growth and success in unprecedented. The 50 facts below highlight the true scale of Facebook and its users’ activity. But will we ever see a communications platform of this size again? What’s going to be the next big thing? Google+ hasn’t had quite the impact I was expecting. If a brand like Google … Continue reading

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How is social media being used? And to what scale?

The recent growth of social media is mind blowing. Never before have I seen something grow in popularity and adoption as much as social networking has. So what is it really being used for and to what extent? Here is a very interesting infographic, courtesy of @mashable which I am sure you will agree makes … Continue reading

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Tips for starting a new blog

So you’re thinking about stepping into the Blogosphere? But not really sure where to start. Here are my views on starting a new blog. There are many things to consider but first I think it’s worth noting that blogs typically fall into 3 categories: Personal BlogĀ – Written about your personal life Personal Business BlogĀ – Covering … Continue reading

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How much time should we spend on social networks?

I often get asked by Marketing Managers and Executives, ‘How much time should I spend on social networking sites?’. The answer always depends on a few key things. The first thing you need to consider is your product or solution. Are you selling coffee in the high street or contact centres to banks? The use … Continue reading

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The Facebook generation – Is your business ready to tackle a new demographic?

I have worked in marketing now for more than 12 years. There have always been demographics, which in my opinion need taking very seriously. But over the last few years the most important demographic has appeared and it’s one that is shaping our future as marketing professionals. The 5-16 year old community will, over the … Continue reading

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The end of print as we know it?

I love Sunday mornings, a bit of a lay in, breakfast with the family and a read of the week’s best paper in my opinion, the Sunday Times. Whilst I love the variety the publication offers with it’s plethora of sections, it’s broadsheet form factor is less than ideal. Ahead of a long journey a … Continue reading

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