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Apple’s brand and what we can learn from it

Not everyone is Fanboi. Typically, the techies amongst us revolt against what makes Apple appeal to the masses. But, there is no questioning their success, they are just short of having $100B cash, sat in the bank, an increase from $15.4B at the end of 2007 (the year the iPhone was launched). They are relatively … Continue reading

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[VIDEO] Can video content be produced in-house? [UPDATE]

A little less than a month ago, I posted an entry asking the question – Can video content be produced in-house. It sparked tremendous debate amongst marketing professionals, agencies and videographers. Well, 3 and a bit weeks later I have some of my home-grown video to show and would love to hear your feedback. The … Continue reading

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Marketing Trends for 2013 and beyond

You may have already seen my post on my top 5 marketing trends for 2012 but for me, there is nothing like looking ahead so I have been thinking about 2013 and beyond and here are some of my marketing trend predictions looking beyond next year. 1. The Social Enterprise I have spoken about this innovation … Continue reading

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[INFOGRAPHIC] HTML5 – Web 3.0 is here but what does it mean?

I remember my first experience of HTML5, it was Google’s home page which can be viewed in a video here on YouTube I also remember thinking, ‘that’s quite cool, but what on earth will it be used for?’ HTML5’s capabilities are far greater than just a funky Google home page. It has massive potential and has … Continue reading

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Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2012

Here are my top 5 marketing trends to look out for as we approach 2012. 1. Location Based Marketing (LBM) This is all about delivering content (usually to mobile devices) to consumers based on their location. Imagine getting a push message from Starbucks as you walk past one of their stores offering you a free … Continue reading

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Can video content be produced in-house?

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Forrester suggests that a 60 second video is worth 1.8 million written words. Having recently created a whole portfolio of new collateral for ONI, it got me thinking. I decided that a 60 second elevator pitch on each of the core solutions we offer would help us … Continue reading

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My Infographic CV [UPDATE]

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has taken the time to comment and e-mail me on my Infographic CV. Special thanks to http://jonspruce.com who took an awful lot of time writing to me with some great suggestions. So, 8 days on and after more than 330 downloads and 480 page … Continue reading

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The end of print as we know it?

I love Sunday mornings, a bit of a lay in, breakfast with the family and a read of the week’s best paper in my opinion, the Sunday Times. Whilst I love the variety the publication offers with it’s plethora of sections, it’s broadsheet form factor is less than ideal. Ahead of a long journey a … Continue reading

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The Power is in the Audience

A recent Forrester report claims that a 60 second video is the equivalent of 1.8m written words. And I believe it, as I am one of a group of people that prefers to consume information at a high level, in short concise chunks. Video works for me. The same however, cannot be said of any … Continue reading

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