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Why Google+ Must Not Be Ignored

Another social network. I know what you’re thinking. Google+ adoption hasn’t been quite what many were expecting and why should you dedicate your time to another social network? I already spend a considerable amount of time writing this blog and managing my activity through LinkedIn, Twitter and other social channels but Google+ for me does a unique … Continue reading

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Would you pay for Social Media Consultancy?

I get a lot of cold calls. Everything from data, web agencies, telemarketing firms and so on. But recently I have noticed an increase in companies pitching ‘consultancy’. The most popular form at the moment being Social Media Consultancy. So I pose a question, how many of you would be happy to pay for Social … Continue reading

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2 Types of Marketing Managers and What Difference Your CV Makes

I have worked in marketing management roles for more than 10 years. my roles have been varied both in terms of job function and the companies I have worked for. I have to say that marketing managers fall into 2 clear categories, usually driven by the type of organsiation they work for. Type 1 – … Continue reading

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The role Apple played in the rise of social media.

The success of social media is often attributed to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s creator. What Mark has achieved is nothing short of simply amazing. His networking platform has transformed the way the world communicates, collaborates, advertises and consumes information. For me though, there is one element of social networking that never gets the … Continue reading

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Google: The power of +1

I recently wrote a post about Google entering the social networking world a little, well. late. I stick by that statement and believe that they should have been doing social for the past 5 years at least. What many people have underestimated however is the power of their +1 button. Let me explain some of … Continue reading

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Social Media Guide: Getting Started With Social Media Strategy

Social Media can be daunting for businesses, usually for 2 reasons. Firstly, ‘Where do I start?’ and secondly, ‘How can it benefit my business?’ In my opinion social media should form a part of every company’s marketing strategy, big or small. The way in which you use it will depend on many factors such as … Continue reading

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Goodbye QR Codes – Hello Blippar

Just as we are all getting used to using QR codes guess what? They have been well and truly superseded. Welcome to Blippar Blippar is an App for smartphones that pitches itself as a ‘Magic Lens to the World’. Using augmented reality, the Blippar App turns mundane, 2D advertising and information into  an interactive 3 dimensional … Continue reading

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Marketing Trends for 2013 and beyond

You may have already seen my post on my top 5 marketing trends for 2012 but for me, there is nothing like looking ahead so I have been thinking about 2013 and beyond and here are some of my marketing trend predictions looking beyond next year. 1. The Social Enterprise I have spoken about this innovation … Continue reading

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[INFOGRAPHIC] CVs / Resume’s

About a month ago I created an infographic CV. It has, once again evolved and you can download the latest version here or click the image to the left. But what has it done for me? Firstly, due to the excellent feedback I have received it has proved my original point that infographics are a … Continue reading

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Google+ – Too little, too late

Regular readers of my blog will know of my interest in Social Media. When Google announced to the world that they would be launching a social network it made perfect sense for a number of reasons. Firstly they are one of the best known and trusted brands in the world, secondly, their homepage is the … Continue reading

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