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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation or a Seriously Expensive Option?

SEO – A very interesting subject. There are hundred of companies out there offering ‘first page on Google, guaranteed’ and I should know as about 50 of them call me every week. I have witnessed, first hand the change in SEO over the past 10 years. The days of adding hundreds of metatags to your pages are … Continue reading

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Carving out a niche has never been more important

The days of relying on the Yellow Pages for your local plumber or a good restaurant have long since gone. What amazed me during that transitional period from paper based research to the trusty internet was the sheer number of online directory services that appeared, in addition to the investment from existing paper directory companies to transition to a’cloud based’ offering … Continue reading

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Social media in the B2B world. Important or a waste of time?

The way in which we consume information is changing and therefore, the way we deliver it to our customers and prospects must also change. I witnessed first-hand the rise of e-mail and as a result, the demise of direct mail, once the king direct marketing. Through the years however, I have to say that e-mail … Continue reading

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