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Goodbye QR Codes – Hello Blippar

Just as we are all getting used to using QR codes guess what? They have been well and truly¬†superseded. Welcome to Blippar Blippar is an App for smartphones that pitches itself as a ‘Magic Lens to the World’. Using augmented reality, the Blippar App turns mundane, 2D advertising and information into ¬†an interactive 3 dimensional … Continue reading

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[INFOGRAPHIC] CVs / Resume’s

About a month ago I created an infographic CV. It has, once again evolved and you can download the latest version here or click the image to the left. But what has it done for me? Firstly, due to the excellent feedback I have received it has proved my original point that infographics are a … Continue reading

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Can video content be produced in-house?

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Forrester suggests that a 60 second video is worth 1.8 million written words. Having recently created a whole portfolio of new collateral for ONI, it got me thinking. I decided that a 60 second elevator pitch on each of the core solutions we offer would help us … Continue reading

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Creative agencies should start by being… Creative?

How many times does my phone ring each day? probably 30. How many times is it someone trying to sell me something? probably 20. Now let’s add e-mail, usually un-targeted, non-personal twaddle that probably generates another 20 or so views a day. So, 20 calls and 20 e-mails every day from agencies; Print, Design,Social Media, … Continue reading

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How much time should we spend on social networks?

I often get asked by Marketing Managers and Executives, ‘How much time should I spend on social networking sites?’. The answer always depends on a few key things. The first thing you need to consider is your product or solution. Are you selling coffee in the high street or contact centres to banks? The use … Continue reading

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The end of print as we know it?

I love Sunday mornings, a bit of a lay in, breakfast with the family and a read of the week’s best paper in my opinion, the Sunday Times. Whilst I love the variety the publication offers with it’s plethora of sections, it’s broadsheet form factor is less than ideal. Ahead of a long journey a … Continue reading

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