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5 email marketing tips for more successful campaigns

With the world of social media dominating high volumes of b2b and b2c communications, what’s happening to email? There is no doubt both the use and success of email has been in decline over recent years. What this means to marketing professionals is that of you want your email campaigns to succeed, then they need … Continue reading

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Embrace the Social Enterprise – Or Get Left Behind

Social fascinates me, never before have we seen such rapid adoption of a communications channel. What has surprised me is the time it has taken for the enterprise world to get involved. Yes the big brands Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, as do a lot of small businesses but how many of them are embracing … Continue reading

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Should CRM be managed by marketing? And my top 6 tips for a successful deployment

CRM systems. We can’t live with them, but at the same time can’t live without them. They are a fundamental part of our team and if we use them properly, they play a huge part in our success. I have worked for companies where CRM has been sourced, implemented and managed by IT. In my … Continue reading

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The Power is in the Audience

A recent Forrester report claims that a 60 second video is the equivalent of 1.8m written words. And I believe it, as I am one of a group of people that prefers to consume information at a high level, in short concise chunks. Video works for me. The same however, cannot be said of any … Continue reading

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Customer Retention – B2B to B2C

When I look around at the brands I subscribe to they usually offer 1 of 2 things, either an exceptional product or service or a reason to return as a customer. ┬áTake Tesco as a prime example, their products, whilst not bad are by no means at the top of the quality chain. I would … Continue reading

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